Larum / Avenge

Gancher & Ruin feat. Triamer

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 23rd 2011


A1LarumGancher & Ruin feat. Triamer5:40
B1AvengeGancher & Ruin6:21

The PRSPCT rulers of hard drum'n bass in the attackmode once again with a stricly LIMITED COLOURED vinyl special edition for all collectors out there. Gancher & Ruin are no strangers to the label with releases on LTD001 and the latest double EP on PRSPCT as well as big releases on YELLOW STRIPE and SUBVIOLENCE! The first track starts of with a big industrial 4x4 kick and filled with crazy snares and bad bass line roffles. Boom boom boooooom!! Hard as kcuf like labelowner Thrasher likes it best. Ruin's solo track on the flip starts of with a horroresque introduction while you just wait for the incredible hard beats to drop in. This is the stuff for all your demolition work. Did we mention this is released as a strictly limited RED vinyl 12inch in transparantplastic cover?