Murda Skank / Quack

Taz Buckfaster

Record label
Ramp Recordings
Catalog Number
RAMP 014
Release Date
October 20th 2008


A1Murda Skank

Eyes glazed, nose running with a mixture of blood and amphetamines, curled up lip, Taz Buckfaster emerges from a sea of Iron Brew to crush all who stand before him like some Scottish parallel world Godzilla. This hooligan has been causing trouble on the streets of Glasgow for years being pivotal in the cities grime scene, and counts emcee Durrty Goodz, and wonk hop pin-up boys Rustie and Hud Mo amongst his BFFs. Taz has put on his dubstep head, mashing a worrying combination of influences from Altern 8 to Guns n Roses to Dr. Dre together in a thoroughly disturbing way. As a result, Mary Anne Hobbs has pretty much hammered everything this troublemaker has committed to H.D., and current scene hypees Rustie and Starkey have been keeping Taz tunes in their secret weapons box and reducing audiences to a sticky mess across the planet. Now Taz has been let loose on the general public