Shikra / Blessings

Ruckspin feat. Jack Sparrow

Record label
Pushing Red
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 14th 2011


B1BlessingsRuckspin feat. Jack Sparrow6:10

RED004 is finally here and it's a absolute stomper of a release and one we are very proud to get out there! Ruckspin is a well respected musician within the dubstep scene and has had plenty of releases on a plethora of quality labels. We here feel this release encapsulates his own sound fully! A. SHIKRA A tight 4/4 kick starts things off with little subtle fills in the drums keep the momentum of the tune before a huge, punishing sub takes this tune to another level. A tune that has been in very high demand within the scene this past year.. if you've been out, you've more than likely heard it! Proper dancefloor punisher! AA. BLESSINGS [ft. J. SPARROW] A tune that has also been in high demand with additional production from another wizard 'J. Sparrow'. You can definitely hear Sparrow's influence on this one with it's heavy dub vibes. Intricate percussion, heavy sub bass and vibes thick as molasses!