Bigbenization / Bersten


Record label
Relax2000 Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 1st 2009


A1Track 1
B1Track 2

Relax2000 is the new sublabel of Snork Enterprises. The name is based on a new started underground club in Snork Enterprises hometown Giessen in Germany which is run by a friend and whichs name is also Relax2000. Snork Enterprises is happy to start the recordlabel for this club as a division. It shall be orientated much more on straighter Techno beats than on Snork Enterprises for which the plan is, to be still the base for different techno styles. The first release Relax2001 is provided by Remute also known as Denis Karimani and called Bigbenization/Bersten. Remute is definitely well known for his great sphere of electronic music he produces and for his productions he made for Ladomat, Perc Trax, Einmaleins or his own new imprint which is called like himself, just Remute. He also had several productions as Denis Karimani or with his other well known project Error Error. The guy from Hamburg doesnt only bring you great tracks on the black gold, hes also offering his great live PA, watch out for his dates. Both tracks are, which is easy to say, four-to-the-flour, no compromising techno for the main time in the clubs. This speeks for itself, so there is nothing more to say! Check his beats out and make the crowd going crazy!