Deviant Behaviour EP

Axel karakasis

Record label
Remain Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 27th 2012


B1Deviant Behaviour8:17

Deviant Behaviour EP lands gracefully into 2012, as Remain Records frontman, Axel Karakasis, brings you a bonafide vinyl edition of three solid bangers. On the Main Side, Solstice opens up and unfolds a highly irresistible track with a playful intro that develops into full-blown insanity. Dark 'n' heavy basslines and powerful percussion with an awesome lick of ascending frequencies is the recipe for this super-textured gem. Slamming Blaster is another killer slice of techno with an immaculate script, full of evocative samples. From radio-like frequencies to the discreet bell backdrops, Blaster is ultimately seductive! On the Remain Side, the title track impresses with its dubby beats and rolling groove. What makes, though, Deviant Behaviour stand out are the cheeky background samples and its spot-on build that amplify the relentless loopy character of the track throughout.