Barracuda EP

Axel karakasis & Sasha Carassi

Record label
Remain Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 10th 2012


A1BarracudaAxel karakasis6:36
A2Water WorksAxel karakasis7:10
B1InflameAxel karakasis & Sasha Carassi8:08

Remain Records presents 13th installment, Barracuda EP. The release continues the string of high caliber tracks by Axel Karakasis, while it boasts the Mediterranean tempo in a juicy collaboration between Karakasis and Sasha Carassi. The title track flows on the Main Side and it is a fine sample of intelligent, killer techno, combining thunderous beats with dreamy synths. The escalation is subtle, yet Barracuda keeps tunneling in the energy till the very last second. Waterworks is one exceptional piece of work and a brilliant production; with its dark basslines and teasing samples it is anything but conventional... On the Remain Side, the Helleno-Italian collaboration is an absolute gem. A fiery, rolling tempo sets the ground in Inflame, while relentless filters and samples create an unparalleled soundscape for the hottest season of the year!