Northern Lights

Gonzalo MD

Record label
Ressort Imprint
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 27th 2014


A1Northern Lights6:59
A2Northern Lightsremix Strck7:44
B1Northern Lightsremix Lee Holman5:12
B2Deep Purple4:48

The argentinian Gonzalo MD has just recently created a lot of buzz around his person with releases on the french label Knotweed Records. You can clearly hear that he has got his very own style of techno, his synths are very extensive and hypnotic and his kickdrums are very sub-heavy. The original of Northern Lights is the perfect example for those extensive synths. Strck is has given his Remix his very own touch by using his typical loopy and ecstatic sounds. Lee Holman converted the record into something faster and more hard hitting using the synths and highlighted bleeps. on B2 and B3 we have two more of Gonzalos great original Records. Deep Purple is one hell of a banging, hypnotic 90s-Techno example while Modulat is pulsing rather deep using a lovely hatgroove.