Maria / Sunny

Funky Sobrietas

Record label
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Release Date
March 5th 2018



Funky Sobrietas is the slick love child by Leuk en Ko's Jan Duivenvoorden and Richard Van Den Bogaert. Intended to be a poppy German Italo duo for a wedding act amidst the squatting scene of The Hague, the music they produced was of more value than just an one-off. From a shoebox stacked with dodgy recordings two tracks were selected that offer you the full Funky Sobrietas spectrum. 'Maria' is the anthem for the one you would die for, with unpretentious vocals and echoes but catchy synths nonetheless. 'Sunny' is six glasses of champagne later when the wedding is on it's flipside, with a nifty dry bassline and quirky synths. Comes in opaque white vinyl and (again) beautiful riso printed artwork, pressed in limited amount (123) for all the die-hards out there.