Sometimez I Cry

Mr G remix Radio Slave

Record label
Catalog Number
RUM 02
Release Date
April 14th 2008


A1Sometimez I Cry
B1Sometimez I Cryremix Radio Slave

Here comes the second O Proof ! And again this will be big !!! After the Wink remix it's the turn to Radioslave to bite into a remix. He turned Sometimez I Cry into a nasty slow and funky garage tune that will bring people to a next level, you know what to expect from this major artist/labelboss that is well known for his release on: Rekids, Get Physical, Renaissance and many more. Mr.G treats you on a rolling house track with a sexy vocal that brings you back, feel the nasty synths and 9 minutes of funk of this killer track. Don't miss this one !