Inside Job / Kingston Bridge

Taz Buckfaster

Record label
Rwina Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 25th 2009


A1Inside Job
B1Kingston Bridge

Straight outta the grimey pits of Glasgow comes Taz Buckfaster.. Don Rwina Akkachar has picked up this young Moroccan producer after hearing a few of his astonishing productions. By having the same background it was clear that these guys needed to work together, and this 12 inch is what hard work and sweat can deliver. The A Side Inside Job is what the Don describes as pure hardcore Rwina buisness. Murky, deadly stabs with murderous wobbles is what keeps this release hyped up to the end, this is straight up pull up business. The B side puts Taz on a more dubby level yet still keeping everything slick like jerry curls, Kingston Bridge is what they call some dubinfused G funk dealy.. Get ready to be blown away by this young talent cause Rwina isnt done yet.. with some highly destructive releases in the pipeline its obvious that Rwina is here to stay! Play support by: Mary Anne Hobbs, Rustie, Benny Page, Starkey & many others..