Half Man Half Trout / 20 Red

Taz Buckfaster

Record label
Rwina Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 16th 2009


A1Half Man Half Trout4:51
B120 Red4:20

The fourth Rwina sees the light of yet another Taz Buckfaster 12 inch thats going down in a true epic vein, one for the anthemhorny jocks. So if you are into the grimey synth heavy side of things then better check this one out. Taz is on the case with the A side, Half Man Half Trout has been tearing up various floors for a while now. Meaty synths, a sexy melody, smooth delicate bassstings and a sharp drumbeat to nod your head to. A sure shot production thatll leave and left tons of people wonder what that just was. It seems there aint no stopping the Taz because again he pulls it off on the flip with his other dancefloor smasher called 20 Red. 8 Bit bleeps and again a brutal squeezy synthline that'll make your mouth water. Its like Snoop Dogg is floating on this orange cloud on his way to Jamaica to fill up his stash. A tune that finishes of this 12 inch in style and cements Taz as one to watch in the future! With releases coming up on Numb3rs (former Wireblock), Subway and a debut album on Rwina it shows that this is one producer we'll hear alot more about! check out Taz buckfasters interview with Sonic Router too! http://sonicrouter.blogspot.com/2009/09/interview-taz-buckfaster.html