Humanoid EP


Record label
Rwina Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 22nd 2010


B1The Slaughter3:57
B2Lick Out4:26

We want to do quality, interesting, electronic music here at Rwina. We're not trying to bring you some stuff aimed solely at fitting into 'the scene' - no, we like beats, bass, synths, stuff that can mess with your head as well as move your feet. So, bearing that in mind, we're proud to present Eprom, fresh out of San Francisco. 'Humanoid' takes stepping beats in a Mala-gone-ATL vibe, and marries them to lazer-guided pitch-switching neon synth lines that contract and expand, breathing their way through the track and re-programming the dance floor into a blur of hypercolour. The classic vocal sample reminds us how far we've come from the days of Acid House, yet how much remains the same - people still want to hear amazing noises put together in a way that makes them dance. 'The Slaughter' takes the mid-tempo West-Coast sound and runs with it - glowing synth lines harmonise like the work of acid-loving robots over swaggering beats and moody, almost RZA-esque atmospherics, building intensity throughout the track. Finally, 'Lick Out' sounds like the kind of music Drexciya might have made if their underwater civilisation was based around the Bay Area's hyphy scene. The whole track is dripping wet, an exploration into a future world of aquatic crunk that defies categorisation. Rwina is proud, but not surprised, to note that this release is being supported by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Jakes, Starkey, The Gaslamp Killer and Slugabed.