Early Works [vinyl only / printed sleeve]

Mike Parker

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 17th 2019


A1Shakuhachi One8:26
B2Dissolution 996:58

Ownlife SELD showcases a new record that keeps the innovative character and genuine signature from one of the chosen producers who shaped the techno sound more than twenty years ago. This time around, it's no other than Mike Parker. The New York producer needs no introduction: Creator of a unique and personal style that keeps influencing a new generation of young producers around the globe. On this release, we find two of the most emblematic, and above all, most wanted tracks by this exceptional artist on vinyl. Furthermore, an unreleased (thinking-forward-minimalistic) track originally recorded in 1999. "SELD", has made it its objective to scan the past, to study the roots. More transmissions from the platform to be coming soon. Stay Alert.