Boundary Conditions


Record label
Sonic Groove
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 26th 2013


B1Vanishing Point

"EBM leaning, dark, heavy, fresh Techno EP - TIP!" - Hard Wax "Razor sharp metallic riffs and an incessant percussive build... 9/10" - DJ Mag "Uncompromising, EBM-infected techno from Canada's revered Orphx duo. 'Outcast' makes subtle virtue of pensively building arrangement reaching a lip-biting climax of distortion and sour synth discord shackled to bone-breaking kicks. 'Vanishing Point' is stripped down, optimised industrial techno with elemental dynamics, and 'Periphery' steps off into abyssal bass oscillations and low-slung industrial swing." - Boomkat "With numerous vinyl, CD and cassette releases over the past 20 years, Orphx are true techno veterans. Boundary Conditions sees them continue to blur the lines between techno, industrial and noise music with stellar results. 'Outcast' begins with a tunnelling bass pulse, slowly giving way to savagely distorted synth blasts, gradually building to a frenzy of broken noise. 'Vanishing Point' is similarly beautiful in its abrasiveness, coating its simple beat with distorted drum rolls and delicate tones, while 'Periphery' takes a gentler approach letting its textures and rhythms unfold and breathe in more cavernous surroundings. Once again the duo prove why they one of techno's most enduring outfits" - Juno