Clarissa Hazel Duo remix UES

Record label
Sleep Is Commercial
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 15th 2010


A1FaceClarissa Hazel Duo
B1UES bass on the face mixClarissa Hazel Duo remix UES
B2Room 13Clarissa Hazel Duo

The wise-woman Clarissa is a figment escaped from the imaginations of AndreaFerlin and Matteo Spedicati. From her home at the very edge of the world, Clarissa is master and maker of psycedelic rituals, orgiastic ceremonies and liberating chants. According to tradition, the encounter between The Hazel Duo occurs in the sand amongstthe looping, grooving sounds of a nearby dancefloor where music of such strong forces,sometimes tribal, sometimes psychedelic, compelling mortals into a gruelling dance thatfrees them evermore from sleep. First EP on Sleep is Commercial for Clarissa Hazel Duo. Face also sign the first appereance on SiC of our friend UES.