Train Wreck / Matrix [Katharsys Remix]

Katharsys / C.A.2K.

Record label
Future Sickness Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 12th 2012


A1Train WreckKatharsys5:44
B1MatrixC.A.2K. remix Katharsys6:02

Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 14th vinyl release featuring Katharsys! This is also the debut release of Katharsys on Future Sickness! Katharsys did something special for this release on Future Sickness, they made a drum n bass/hardcore crossbreed release. Something that they didn't do in the past. Tracklist: A/ Katharsys - Train Wreck A train of demented beats just wrecks your brain while a deep like hell sub makes your ears cry blood. Get prepared ,cause one train can hide another. B/ C.A.2K - Matrix (Katharsys Remix) Get inside the matrix ,but watch out for the huge Katharsys snares and savage hardcore heavy roller kicks assault. They might break your bones .