Wasp / Excavator

Cooh & CA2K

Record label
Future Sickness Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 25th 2012


A1WaspCooh & CA2K5:29

Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 15th vinyl release featuring Cooh & C.A.2K! For this release we have an amazing collab tune between Cooh & C.A.2K and a solo tune of C.A.2K. Both tunes have been played a lot in the clubs by several big producers and dj's in the scene. Tracklist A/ Cooh & C.A.2K - Wasp B/ C.A.2K - Excavator These tracks are solid dancefloor smashers! Brutal drum and bass in combination with some hardcore driven vibes and a big bad bass. Ready to drop and deliver on any dancefloor.