Sampler 5.0

Various Artists

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 27th 2020


A1Lords SpecialIvano Tetelepta6:44
A2Handle With CareVivian8:22
B1FreediverTom Liem6:24
B2Dub TalesToki Fuko7:18

Ivano Tetelepta's Siena imprint hits double figures with a stylish fifth installment of its Sampler EP series. The co-founder himself features next to Vivian, Toki Fuko and Tom Liem. Tetelepta goes first with more of his cavernous and dubbed out grooves. They roll smoothly beneath a jumble of toms and vocal samples and sci-fi soul comes from the warm chords. Vivian then serves up something brilliantly trippy, with brain cleansing synth lines, alien life forms and a kinetic minimal drum line all making for a late night mood. Next is Tom Liem, the ESHU associate who excels here with the superbly spacious Freediver, a dubbed out ambient techno with a persuasive rhythm and exquisite sound design. Toki Fuko closes out with a more driving dub techno cut that has rippling chords and perfectly undulating drums. This is another forward thinking fusion of dub, minimal, ambient and techno.