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July 7th 2015


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1) Lost Friends feat. Villem and McLeod 2) Confessions feat. Total Science, Maverick Soul and Frank H Carter III 3) Misunderstood feat. Hybrid Minds, BCee and Bladerunner 4) Wears Me Down feat. Villem and McLeod 5) Piece Of Me feat. Emperor and Collette Warren 6) Dont You Know feat. Total Science, Fox and GQ 7) You Or Me feat. Enei 8) I Never Knew feat. Villem and McLeod 9) I Dont Need feat. Break 10) Fear Bites feat. Villem and McLeod & Dynamite MC 11) Truth Hurts VIP feat. Zero T 12) Still Remains feat. Hybrid Minds 13) Fall Apart feat. Philth 14) As Soon As feat. LSB