Low Of Brick

Jesus Soblechero

Record label
Special Series
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 7th 2011


A1Low Of Brick Raul Mezcolanza remixremix Raul Mezcolanza6:07
A2Under The Groove6:01
B1Low Of Brick5:38
B2Let Me Dance6:12

Special series returns with another hot dj tool for all dj's and fans. The year 2011 started with the release of the first album by FER BR and it was well received by all media, dj's and fans all over the world. From Spain to Japan almost all the tracks the LP covers are being heard in the clubs today. Special Series now presents Jesus Soblechero, another great talent from the world of funky techno producers. The A-side starts of with a remix by Raul Mezcolanza fresh on the roll with his debut album on Patterns! Followed by 3 tracks of Jesus himself. Funky rhythms, old disco feel and pounding beats are the ingredients he will use for his special recipe. Have a taste of this, get of your seat and move your feet!