Enduser / DJ Hidden

Record label
Soothsayer Recordings
Catalog Number
SS 012
Release Date
March 16th 2009


A1Manoeuvreremix Skeksis6:55
B1Manoeuvreremix DJ Hidden6:26

Alas, tribute has been paid to the monumental second Soothsayer release by Enduser. Four years have passed since the Manoeuvre EP dropped on unsuspecting sound systems worldwide, and in that time Soothsayer has evolved and mutated into a ferocious drum n'bass juggernaut. We are pulling no punches on this special commemorative 12inch, enlisting the talents of the mighty Dj Hidden and newcomers Skeksis to cleanse, fold, manipulate, and remanunfacture Endusers Manoeuvre. St. Louis based Skeksis come correct with a mashed and tattered VIP overloaded with hooks, drops, and chopped up apaches. Hardcore rufige for the roughnecks! Antwerps Dj Hidden serves up a sordidly cinematic rendition of Manoeuvre. Powerfully robust basslines and fractured drum schrapnel concuss your senses. Hardcore, futuristic drum n' bass epitomized.