Sonicterror #10

Bong Ra vs. Gore Tech vs. Author & Punisher

Record label
Sonicterror Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 14th 2014


A1Flesh AntsAuthor & Punisher remix Bong Ra & Gore Tech4:22
A2TerrorbirdAuthor & Punisher remix Bong Ra & Gore Tech3:36
B1TerrorbirdAuthor & Punisher remix Bong Ra3:50
B2Flesh AntsAuthor & Punisher remix Gore Tech6:04

This project came to fruition some time last year when I flew from Manchester out to Rotterdam for the PRSPCT XL event, the same night I was booked to play PRSPCT was the same night Tristan (Author & Punisher) was to play his Manchester debut, I'd created the flyers for the event being run by Endtyme records, and was a little gutted I was going to miss him, Bong Ra explained he'd been short of booking him for the same PRSPCT event and we both discovered we'd approached Tristan about doing a remix of his tracks, I'd been given Flesh Ants and Jason was given terrorbird, being the fans of the obscure Jason and I are, we where delighted to hear we'd both be working on a remix each, we then approached Tristan again and explained we'd love to do a collaborative remix, 5 tracks later we had an EP, we then approached Lynn enduser as he was just about to re-launch Sonic Terror recordings and explained his interest in the project, also being a fan of the obscure, and here you have it, this project started in the summer of 13 and now after nearly a year we're proud to present the full EP. Enjoy, Gore Tech"