8 Bit Porno EP

Paul Mac

Record label
Stainless Audio Works
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 5th 2006


a1Strained Silence
b110 Years On
b28 Bit Porno

...After following the path of electro/ hip hop / acid house and techno it has now been nearly 18 years since Paul Mac started DJ-ing and he has been producing for nearly 10! Having recorded for over 30 labels and with nearly 100 releases to his name it's fair to call this man a techno veteran!! He also dropped a few stunning reworks and appeared in charts worldwide! Thanks to a couple of high profile releases on labels like Intec, Ingoma, Sino and Primate he's now travelling the globe and visits places like Japan, Venezuela and Brazil to showcase his skills. This very first release is a melting pot of numerous styles and techniques. With a minimal yet funky groove Paul constantly works towards a very fresh and melodic climax. These superb productions will definitely put the party crowd on fire and will have you craving for the summer ahead!