Clockwork Chronicles - Part 1


Record label
Stainless Audio Works
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 16th 2007


A1But time won't die
B1Sin or redemption
B2Salvia Divinorum

Patric skoog (Agaric): I think I like the 2 first ones best out of the 3. And then the 2nd one with the bellsy things, is best for my taste :) Anderson Noise: Thanks for the good tracks - All the best Mr. G : yeah nice feelin the b1......b2 also not bad a1 not for me.....seeeya. Colin McBean Par Grindvik: A1: This is my favorite! I love the groove of this. the low bass and the drum programing makes just the walking groove that I like that much! also like the strings and chords but i think it's a bit to melodic to fit in my play list right now. Alexander Koning: The new stainless is cool!, it is in the bag! Mhonolink: I like the Sin or Redemption track.