Kings Of The Warehouse

The Dying Punks a.k.a. Raiden & Rodell

Record label
Catalog Number
SUBS 002
Release Date
March 17th 2008


A1Love Your Robots
B1Vietnam Never Happened
C1Wednesday Wake
D1Headhunterremix Propaganda

Raiden and Dean Rodell team up for the fist time under their new guise The Dying Punks to bring you probably the most influential EP at the min in technoid dnb Kings Of The Warehouse. If you are not familiar with these two artists then all you need to know is that they were probably separated at birth and told to lead separate lives in different electronic fields.. Both are renowned for their dark twisted sounds and love for the relentless, a no break down - no surrender mentality has been forged in their arrangements. If you havent been involved in the rising scene of Techno/Dnb then all at Offkey and Subdivision welcome you to the revolution with a four track EP that raised the bar once more.. >> Love Your Robots - 6 min of absolute mayhem a bit like driving in the snow on acid with no breaks.. >> Vietnam Never Happened - if you could imagine Chris Liberator and Prokets love child you have and idea what this track is all about: hard relentless and full of acidddddddddd >> Wednesday Wake - is the last Dying Punks contribution to this EP and they leave as they mean to go on deep dark hard and unrestrained in filth. a small taster of what the future holds and what their Live PA will do to all ya dirty dance floors. >> HeadHunter - last but by no means least Propaganda steps up with a RMX of Dean Rodells HeadHunter that puts a new twist onto an old twisted fav of the hard techno scene. Please do not play around small children or pregnant ladies ;) Support by: The Panacea : Dylan : Diesel Boy : The Sect : Proket : Glenn Wilson : etc