Under Control Remixes

Bukez Finezt / Truth / The Widdler

Record label
Subway Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 11th 2018


A1Under Control (Truth's Out of Control Remix)Bukez Finezt remix Truth6:10
B1Under ControlBukez Finezt remix The Widdler4:40
B2Under Control VIPBukez Finezt4:45

If you ever been to a Dubstep rave in the past 4 years you probably heard Under Control being smashed through the system. Nearly every DJ in the scene supported the original and it still holds it own to this day. A true dubstep classic that will not be forgotten so easily. Truth, The Widdler and the main man himself went in and delivered 3 mind blowing remixes that do the original so much justice. Something that doesnt happen very often some might say. Relive this Dubstep classic through the eyes of Truth, The Widdler and of course it's creator Bukez Finezt.