Tromp It / Chiller

Heinrich & Hirtenfeller

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 1st 2008


A1Tromp It

after a short break supdub is back ! Of course the label owner remain at the wheel and produced the first single on theirselves. no sooner thought than done, supdub records 006 presents itself in form of a remarkable but recognizable vinyl. it is definitly a supdub! "chiller" is the b-side track and facilitates an imagination from being on a long road chasing the ocean to have a nice spanish siesta. and while you hunger after the bassline you realize that your are feeling the right way. "tromp it" has been played and tested in many clubs and countries all over the world. a huge feedback on that track gave heinrichs&hirtenfellner the boost that "tromp it" should have it's way on a pretty black vinyl.. the show must go on.