Tonsil Guillotine EP

John Karagiannis & PayLipService

Record label
Techhead Toolbox
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 23rd 2009


A1Tonsil Guillotineremix Perc
B1Tonsil Guillotine
B2Playing With Tonsil Guillotine

TechHead Toolbox Is a vinyl series concept brought to you by TechHead recordings based on the idea that the most basic tools are simple machines. The audible result aims in crossing the line between techno as we know it and techno as we don't. Each record is inspired by the usage of different tools and each tool plays a significant role in each record. The always innovative duo of John Karagiannis and PayLipService (TechHead Recordings, Soulaccess, Relatives, Techment) put out Tonsil Guillotine while Perc remixes this special gem. The Surreal Scissors was already great, this is even better! Get into the concept!