Barrel of a gun

Odessa Soundfreaks

Record label
Techhead Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 11th 2008


A1Barrel of a gun
A2Barrel of a gunremix Balthazar & JackRock
B1Barrel of a gunremix Ignition Technician
B2Barrel of a gunremix Josh Love & Mat 303

Finally it has arrived! Techhead is one of the leading techno labels which has its roots firmly set on the Island of Greece. The label functions as a platform for some of the most talented producers around. Volume 7 pushes the quality upwards again as we have come to expect. Master of jacking funk Ignition Technician have looked straight into the barrel of a gun and decided it needs more firepower. This gun can now drop a 500 pound bull from a mile away. Balthazar is known as one of the most respected and popular DJs/producers in Bulgaria. His international gigs have taken him to more than 15 European countries including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Malta and Cyprus. Since 2003 he has been producing music with his studio partner JackRock. Josh Love and Mat 303 close the gates with a very nice rework of the original, similar to the work we've herad from these boys on the Yin Yang Imprint!