Fabric of space pt. one


Record label
Tempo records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 2nd 2012



After the succesfull Tempo Events (alongside Fabio, Utah Jazz, Lenzman, Nymfo) Tempo Records is proud to announce PRPLX 'Fabric Of Space' on a limited edition clear vinyl release. PRPLX's entitled Fabric Of Space explores the deeper side of the Breakbeat spectre. Clever drum programming and on a more deeper reflecting as well as going in a bass shakin' direction, it reminds us of early Bluenote & Speed days but defenately with a modern touch. These tracks are another testament to PRPLX'S love for the Breakbeat. Also included here is the roadtested Taiga track which starts of deep and hypnotic but surprises you with the harsh amen drop, raw synth and dark male reggae vocal, do we hear a R E W I N D ? This is the first part of a series of two double 12 inches. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, each edition is handnumbered and comes with full coloured artwork and in a sealbag for full sleeve protection. Four tracks have been mastered by the legendary Stuart Hawkes of the Metropolis-Group, London.