When Our World Jaded / Seba Remix - Hooked / Survival Remix

Furi Anga / Slider & Expose

Record label
Translation Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 25th 2011


A1When Our World Jaded / Seba RemixFuri Anga remix Seba5:51
B1Hooked / Survival RemixSlider & Expose remix Survival6:05

Translation Recordings returns to vinyl with a pair remixes from two scene veterans, selected to provide a fresh perspective on the digital catalogue. Up first, Seba applies his signature style to Furi Anga's 'When Our World Jaded', where twinkling hi-hats and dreamy pads drift into meticulously chopped breaks, spliced drum edits, and warm bass tones with enough low-end to rattle your chest. As the track progresses, a filtered reese surges in and out of the arrangement for added bite. On the flip, Survival revisits Slider & Expose's jazzy 'Hooked' and rolls out a soulful remix with heavy, shuffling drums, deep sub treatment, and a techno midrange that complements the track's more subtle melodic elements to deliver a refreshing and energetic tune for the summer.