Love & Beyond

Jay Haze

Record label
Tuning Spork
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 2nd 2008


A1Can't ForgetJay Haze feat. D:exter
A2Lost In Deep SpaceJay Haze
B1Ass To MouthJay Haze
B2Crackle and PopJay Haze
C1VaporizeJay Haze
C2ReturnJay Haze
D1Riddim and BassJay Haze feat. Lil Dirrty
D2Inner HurtJay Haze

There's a sense of paradox in Love & Beyond. It's Jay Haze's most defining album to date, but also, his most unexpected, in both music and form. Then again, he's never been described as someone who does what's expected! Here Jay presents a divergent self-portrait, spanning two CDs and two vinyl LPs, with different tracks on each format. Love & Beyond exceeds expectations, defies limitations, explores and ignores the constraints of genre !!