No Chance EP [vinyl only]

Pheek & Kike Mayor

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 14th 2020


A1No ChancePheek & Kike Mayor6:56
A2No Chance (DoubtingThomas Dub Side of the Moon Mix)Pheek & Kike Mayor remix DoubtingThomas7:29
B111 Pheek & Kike Mayor8:15
B211Pheek & Kike Mayor remix Chad Andrew & Just_Me6:33

Canadian based Pheek and LA-based Kike Mayor collaborate to deliver two original tracks that take you to different realms of the electronic music spectrum. A1. "No Chance" demonstrates an evocative mood; a hypnotizing pad that evolves and vocals that compliment a stirring, minimal groove. A2. "11" is backed up with a funky persistent bounce, quirky percussion hits, and a subtle yet catchy melody that keeps your ears hooked. The originals are remixed by french producer DoubtingThomas adding his "Dub Side of the Mood" interpretation, and Berlin-based Chad Andrew and Just_Me with their retrospective take of "11".