Record label
Uncanny Valley
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 12th 2016


A1The Happening
B2Thru The Eye

It's always an event when Jacob Korn fires up his custom-made studio set up to create another exciting House record. In fact, EP3 is a tasteful four-tracker that more than lives up on its two predecessors. "The Happening" builds on funky drum patterns before rising into a break that feels like taking a bucket full of water to the chest. Another burning dance floor affair is "Holiday" with its percussion-driven beats and heavy staccato style synths, in all its Caribbean glory. "Goodbye" is driven by an irresistible sample and string combination while "Thru The Eyes" is riding on a cheerful drum foundation and killer sample. Dancefloor heaven. As she did for EP1 and EP2 the new record is again illustrated by Anna Jaszpataki from Dresden.