Human Beings EP

Greg Notill

Record label
Vendetta Sonore
Catalog Number
VDT 007
Release Date
April 2nd 2007


A1Corrupted and Polluted
A2Ozone Killerzz
B1No Futur
B2No Intelligence Reworked

Time for revenge! Vendetta Sonore is a relatively new kid on the block. Since the very first one the label created an image as the perfect crossover between hard techno and hardcore. Both these elements are combined and seamlessly merge into a violent and deadly cocktail. The operates as an outlet for both upcoming talent and the experienced boys. The Human beings ep was carefully handcrafted by none other than Greg Notill. This young producer created his first tunes when he was 14 years old. His productions were released on labels like Cannibal Society, Carnage and Working Vinyl. Now he unleashes his wrath on Vendetta!