Slo Mafija EP

Tom Macoye a.k.a. Ortin Cam

Record label
Catalog Number
VEZO 003
Release Date
March 10th 2008


A1Sunset Of Antwerp
B1Number 5
B2How Should We Call It

Vezotonic had a jumpstart last year when they started with the massive VALENTINO KANZYANI release. This was picked up by many dj's in the scene and is still in a lot of dj's recordbags. The follow-up by DEJAN MILICEVIC was a strong one and pushed the labels immage further forward.. Now its 2008 and time for the third release presenting: TOM MACOYE aka ORTIN CAM. Tom is known for many releases in different styles on big selling labels like SPILO / MISSILE / DRUM CODE / POCKET / PATTERNS and many many more. And again its a killer! A very diverse EP in various styles. If you are into the more melodic feeling of techno check and love: SUNSET OF ANTWERP, If you buy it purely for dancefloor action check NUMBER 5, are you into breaks and wicked vocal work check: HOW SHOULD WE CALL IT. Buy on sight!