Unleashed EP

DJ Veztax remix Dj Misjah remix Ian F

Record label
Catalog Number
VEZO 004
Release Date
September 22nd 2008



Some great work is coming out on labels from Slovenia these days! Vezotonik is one of these rising labels, on this fourth release called "Unleashed EP" Veztax comes with a quality track, remixed by both Dj Misjah and Ian F. Veztax previously rleased work on Annunaki, Rhythm Convert, Recon Warriors, Rerun, Adult, Wet, Kroma, Relative and Technique and he has been DJ-ing at all bigger party events in Slovenia. Dj Misjah needs little introduction as he has been releasing records on numerous labels since 1995. Ian F is a quite new name to the scene though, which makes this release a good mix between experience and upcoming talent, check this out!!!