Someone Else & Miskate / Ltk / Eidolon

Record label
Wreckless Recordings
Catalog Number
WRCK 005
Release Date
February 11th 2008


A1BagtimeSomeone Else & Miskate
B1Would you like a bag for your bag?Ltk
B2Last VictimEidolon

This project was born of the American culture of consumption. Field recordings were made in metropolitan shopping centers during the United States holiday season. Conversations drifted into ambient sounds of money being spent, commerce being transacted. The results of these recordings were then sent to artists to be turned into music. A1 : Someone Else + Miskate - Bagtime, a minimalist dancefloor workout, with a host of sounds panning across the stereo spectrum. the standout element is this grating yet infectious sound that resonates throughout the track, once heard, is impossible to dismiss! B1 : ltk, Would you like a bag for your bag? quirky, clicky, and indicative of the perils of instant gratification. the title sample, queried by a young attractive female, is a statement of bitter irony. cash registers ring, children laugh, and santa claus brings home the bacon. B2 : Eidolon Last Victim, a deep and dark foray into a future of dwindling returns. the closing track on this ep is filled with complexities and intricacies that need more than a casual listen to fully grasp. the standout element is the synth line made from a beeping french fry machine.