Lunatik remix Paco Osuna remix Decimal

Record label
Wreckless Recordings
Catalog Number
WRCK 006
Release Date
May 19th 2008


A1Remote Viewpoint Lunatik remix Paco Osuna
B1WhobearLunatik remix Decimal
B2Remote ViewpointLunatik

A1: lunatik - remote viewpoint (Paco Osuna's Omaha Remix): plus8 dancefloor destroyer paco osuna delivers a mind warping remix workout for the A1. The original remote is turbocharged with diabolical vocal phrases and bowel-bursting bass shifting. currently being supported by a who's who of techno juggernauts, this remix will rock your face off! B1: lunatik - whobear: whobear? shuffling bassfunk slips and slides across the soundscapes, dealing scathing slices to the senses. the lead line is a bit like alliterative insanity. B2: lunatik - whobear (Decimal Remix): decimal(enemy, stockholm ltd) lays a crusty slice of brainbread on top of this sonic sandwich. the driving rhythm section nourishes the energy starved and prompts a climatic cacophony of circuit dwelling death-revelations. D1: lunatik - remote viewpoint: the jam that splattered like gelatin across the palate of time is this extrasensory ode to big brother. currently encoded as digital data, the binary definition of this rendition can be transmitted via any fiber optic linkstation.