Decimal / Crazy Larry / Tarifbereich_B / Lunatik / JPLS

Record label
Wreckless Recordings
Catalog Number
WRCK 008
Release Date
April 27th 2009


A1Noodle SoupDecimal6:37
A2That's What She Said..Crazy Larry6:50
B1Bahn 25Tarifbereich_B6:41
B2David Lee GothLunatik remix JPLS6:12

A1: Decimal's concoction is chunky with a thick creamy broth. Spaced out spiced sonic crumbles interact with your waistline. Basslines? Plenty, without the pork. Bring a spork. A2: Ominous tones shape a rocky mountain of inferred understanding. What did she say? 303 like analog waveforms try and decipher the words like musical hieroglyphs. B1: The voice of darkness speaks to mortals. Bells ring and merge with the ether. Madness ensues. A fog descends on humanity. B2: Showcasing nonstop high kicks, David Lee Goth is the star attraction of Satan's rollerdisco! Like an unrelenting metronome, the drums disguise his disfigured soul. JPLS strips it down and paints it black.