1996 / Nothing to Prove

Exium / Oscar Mulero

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
WU 025
Release Date
July 5th 2010


B1Nothing to ProveOscar Mulero

After a short while we 're back in shape again, starting our 2010 releases with this two tracker. Exium opens fire on A side, the northern duo hits the floor again with 1996, A future techno gem, solid kickdrums, fm noises, compulsive sequences and as always a smart arrangement constantly evolving and mutating, hard and risky. On B side Oscar Mulero's Nothing to Prove breaks the rhythms, syncopating the kicks and flooding the spaces with sweeping drones and hi pitched drums, till a 303 bassline starts to move the stomachs. When you're catched in the vibe a floating string pad comes in, adding a melancholic edge to the overall hard arrangement. Classical OM sound. Two sides, two techno masters delivering the best of their studios to the wax and digital lovers.