Anunnaki Invasion EP

Luis Ruiz

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 23rd 2012


A1Anunnaki Invasion / Oscar Mulero Remixremix Oscar Mulero5:45
B2Anunnaki Invasion6:18

Our label's 28th release comes courtesy of Warm Up's new addition to the family: the Argentinian Luis Ruiz is a young producer with strong roots on hardware synths and drum machines. In 2008 he created his own label, called Analogate Rec., which is focused on the classic sounds of old school techno and acid techno. From the outset, with Analogate Rec. Luis Ruiz sought to revitalise old school techno, whose roots had got lost in time. In 2010 he set up his second label: Subsequent Rec., where techno was, once more, the centrepiece. For his first release on Warm Up, he brings us two original tracks plus a remix by Oscar Mulero. The EP opens with Oscar Mulero's rework of 'Anunnaki Invasion': Oscar uses a stronger drum workout with a live feel and a more European techno flavour, dark and funky at once, perfect for rocking the walls at any club worth its salt. 'Artefakts' is a raw track; dark drum programming, sub-bass galore and the added drama of the hi-pitched strings make this an hypnotic and powerful techno tool for the clubs. 'Anunnaki Invasion' is closer to the flavour of Detroit, with floating synths and drones over a shuffled techno beat, very much in the style of Jeff Mills. A release that is complete, full of force and soul, coming from a fresh new talent. Keep an eye on this guy: he's going to rock the place.