Designation EP [label sleeve]

Mike Storm

Record label
Warm Up
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 25th 2020


A1Any Strong Way5:31
A2Power Distance5:14
B1Constant Battle5:43
B2Into A Human Mind6:00

Mike Storm is one of the true exponents of cosmic and advanced techno, his relentless output has seen the light on the best labels around and has been a favorite for dj's like Jeff Mills and Oscar Mulero to name but a few. In his first output in our label, both physically and digitally he offers a total of five cuts, four on wax and five on files. His sound has not changed during the years, always pulsating, cosmic and abstract. With a high BPM rate and continuous and unpredictable structures and arrangements. This is the soundtrack of a cosmic voyage out there where there is no atmosphere nor barriers, the music score of a timeless space adventure. Skillful dj's will love this work, perfect to be use as layering tools or to stand on their own as proper club tracks. Definitely not for everyone this is an a-temporal statement on how proper techno should be.