Infra Aqual [full colour inner + outer sleeve / clear red & blue mixed vinyl]

Subp Yao

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 20th 2020


A1ChasmSubp Yao2:29
A2Wax and WaneSubp Yao4:14
A3ClosedSubp Yao3:37
A4ShimmerSubp Yao3:00
B1HushSubp Yao4:56
B2One More StepSubp Yao5:44
B3One ManSubp Yao feat. d00p2:34
C1ReelwituSubp Yao6:43
C2DamaiaSubp Yao2:58
C3Mad and MeanSubp Yao feat. Warrior Queen4:14
D1TrenchesSubp Yao3:04
D2Filter FeederSubp Yao3:36
D3Lost (Floating)Subp Yao4:03

- "Gut-churning bass" - The Wire - "a deep dive into UK soundsystem forms, half-time bass pressure and lucid electronics" - DjMag - "a hell of a journey through a subaquatic scape" - Backseat Mafia - "evoking oceanic stillness and violence, the song ebbs and flows between delicate rippling and powerful waves" - Fuxwithit - Plays on Rinse FM France and UK & Tom Ravenscroft BBC Radio 6 30% of profits on this record go to an ocean cleanup organisation TBA