Warp Crawler LP [full colour inner + outer sleeve / clear red vinyl / 180 grams]

Chrizpy Chriz

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 19th 2021


A1Dark SatateChrizpy Chriz3:40
A2Hollow PointChrizpy Chriz2:41
A3Sewer Rat MobChrizpy Chriz2:49
A4Black WidowChrizpy Chriz & Smol3:20
B1Mentally BrokenChrizpy Chriz2:49
B2IntoxicatedChrizpy Chriz3:12
B3DiscomfortChrizpy Chriz3:45
B4CompulsionChrizpy Chriz2:58
C1FrayedChrizpy Chriz3:39
C2TraumaChrizpy Chriz2:43
C3ErraticChrizpy Chriz2:49
C4Stomp BoxChrizpy Chriz2:38
D1MonsterpieceChrizpy Chriz3:07
D2Burnt WiresChrizpy Chriz2:49
D3JankyChrizpy Chriz & yunis3:07

Multi-genre industrial bass that's equally at home in the underground of Berlin and the low-end-leaning dancefloors of the US and UK. With 'Warp Crawler' on the exciting YUKU imprint, Chrizpy Chriz finds a mature groove in the bass spectrum that deviates between restrained and tearing at its own seams. A must for open-minded purveyors of exploratory electronica with teeth.