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Artist profile: A-Sides

In 1992, Jason began to release his own material and go raving to hear his stuff being played out. Whilst at Roller Express one night, he met Ola from The Stage One Music Company and a year later, Ola started distributing Jason's records. As time went on, Jason and Ola decided to set up a record label together, Calling it 'Boombastic Plastic, Jason would release records under the name 'Citadel of Kaos', which was made up of Jason, Jan Salisbury and Simon from Earth Leakage Trip. 'Citadel of Kaos' eventually became just Jan with another guy called George Jones.

'Sunshine Productions' tunes such as 'Above the Clouds' and 'Symphony In September' were part of Jason's long list of successful Rave anthems released on 'Just Another Label' (JAL). He still felt he had to push himself in other musical directions. Jason wanted to start up his very own label. "I can't stand people who knock other people or just want to jump on the bandwagon. Anyone with a negative attitude does my head in", says Jason, so starting his own label meant he would be in complete control of what he did and who he let in.
In winter 1997, Jason and Ola created a Drum 'n' Bass record label called 'East Side'. Jason has run the label ever since and they have been a solid and successful team. Most of the artists on the label are from the East Side (of London), although Elementz of Noize are from Newcastle and Majistrate is from Kent.

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CDs with A-Sides tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
VIOCD 002 Salvation CD CD
NHS 119CD Weapons Of Mass Creation - Volume 3 2xCD
A-Sides Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 3 promos
EAST 080*P Heavyweight / Incheon A-Sides Sawka 12" PROMO
EAST 079*P Tokiado / Aryze A-Sides 12" PROMO
EAST 076*P Planetary Motion / Memory Lane A-Sides 12" PROMO
A-Sides Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 13 records
LAZY 001 Imagination / Open Your Eyes Lazy 12"
ELM001V Atlantic / Bass God Elm Imprint 12"
EAST 082 Spacetrain / The Final Fugitive Eastside 12"
EAST 079 Tokiado / Aryze Eastside 12"
EAST 078 Operation X / Who's Back Eastside 12"
EAST 077 Tear The Roof Off / Tabletop East Side Recordings 12"
EAST 076 Planetary Motion / Memory Lane Eastside 12"
EAST 075 Crazy 2006 / Tear 2006 Eastside 12"
EAST 074 Turn To Stone / Point Of Contact Eastside 12"
EAST 073 Tear The Roof / Wet Glass Eastside 12"
EAST 072 Special Lady East Side Recordings 12"
EAST 071 Back Over Me / Indigo East Side Recordings 12"
BINGO 042 Inspiration / Reunions Bingo Beats 12"
A-Sides tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 5 records
SPEAR 016 Mood Swings LP Sampler Spearhead 12"
NHS 119X Weapons Of Mass Creation - Volume 3 Hospital Records 3x12"
NHS 119 Weapons Of Mass Creation - Volume 3 Hospital Records 3x12"
METLP 006 The Winter of Content Metalheadz 4x12"
INN 022.2 The Masterplan Pt. 2 Innerground 2x12"

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