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Alexander Kowalski

Alexander Kowalski (Germany)


Artist profile: Alexander Kowalski

Kowalski was born in 1978 in Greifswald, Germany. He moved to Berlin with his family in 1986. In the beginning of the 90's the first techno releases from Detroit came to Berlin, and Kowalski was a big fan of those.
Later on, he started making music on his Amiga, and in 1997 he bought equipment with a friend and arranged a studio.
His first production "The Wide Theatre" was then released on the Tresor Headquarters Compilation (Tresor 094) under the name DisX3. That kick-started his career.

Techno has many faces - and in recent years, with the emergence of Alexander Kowalski, the German Techno scene has gained a new shooting star. At the end of the nineties he became known through his first live acts in Berlins' most known techno club, Tresor.

In 2002 he made his musical break-through with the release of his second full length, "Progress", an album which was highly acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. Today Alexander Kowalski is a new star in the Techno sky, and a greatly demanded live act, producer and remixer.

Kowalski elegantly fuses elements from classic Detroit and historical Berlin techno sound. His affection for sophisticated bass lines, deep beats and challenging arrangements breathes new life into Techno. He knows perfectly how to program his tracks to sound straight, deep, housy, dubby or funky - and this versatility is one of the reasons for his reputation under both ravers and underground-oriented techno nerds.

In August 2003 his new album "Response" appears on the German label Kanzleramt - and the critics are already enthusiastic: Kowalski is on the front cover of Raveline and Groove (08/2003), the two most important German dance music magazines.

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Alexander Kowalski CD
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
MORDCD003 Cycles - benelux sales only! Alexander Kowalski CD
CDs with Alexander Kowalski tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
BPC 137 Reworks Paul Kalkbrenner CD
Alexander Kowalski Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 7 records
SCR-D001 Dircksen EP Suicide Circus Records 12"
RTD 39212540 Start Chasing PIAS 12"
MORDLP003 Cycles Mord 3x12"
LLLTD001 False Theory EP Lucky Light Limited 12"
ICR001LIMITED 1992 / 1993 Industrial Copera Records 12"
DMB 001-6 In The Heat Of The Night Damage Music Berlin 12"
4511093130 Damage EP Different 12"
Alexander Kowalski tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 6 records
SOMALP 039 Soma Compilation 2004 Soma Quality Recordings 12"
SOMA 148 Way Up High Soma Quality Recordings 12"
MAJOR 020 Spit it Out Major Records 12"
HERO 001X H1 remixes Heroes X 12"
BPC 136 Reworks BPitch Control 12"
AYCB 012-2 Who Is That Noize Remixes prt 2 Allyoucanbeat 12"

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