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Danilo Vigorito

Danilo Vigorito (Italy)


Danilo Vigorito



Artist profile: Danilo Vigorito

Danilo Vigorito is born in Naples in 1974 , in centre, where folklore, colors, and all kind of music spread quickly.

He started djing in 1991 in some really good parties with friends and fresh peoples who belived that a new electronic age that was beginning…… Quite soon he recognized djing wasn’t enough! Finally Danilo started to work in some recordings studios to learn workings machines and make records by himself.

After working for three years as sound engineer, he decided to begin is career, the starting point of building up his own studio at home.
The first release in December 2000 is ‘’Sync Mode e.p.’’ on Informale rec. The name of this record means the absence of a computer and so the synchronization between drum machines and synthesizer.
Afterwards, lots of releases came out on some important labels as Conform, Genetic, Primate, Speaker Attack and finally on Zenit.

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CD with Danilo Vigorito tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
GENAUCD 001 Hardboiled 2003: Best Of Schranz CD
Danilo Vigorito Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 34 records
ZENIT 010 Imaginary Boy EP 2 Zenit Records 12"
TITAN 103 Morgentanz EP Titanium Records 12"
SUDAPPX 004 Appendix D Southsoul Appendix 12"
PRMT 062 Workin' Progress EP Primate Recordings 12"
ORION020 The Nocturne Orion Muzik 12"
ORION 011-6 Cyberdog Orion Muzik 12"
ORION 009 Contact EP Orion Muzik 12"
ORION 007 Material EP Orion Muzik 12"
ORION 006 Pumpin Orion Muzik 12"
ORION 005 Massive Storm Orion Muzik 12"
ORION 004 La Familia EP Orion Muzik 12"
ISIS01 Homegrown Tears Iside Music 12"
IOMM 006 Alnilam IO Minimal Musik 12"
IOMM 005 Alnitak IO Minimal Musik 12"
IOMM 004 Bellatrix IO Minimal Musik 12"
IOMM 003 Betelgeuse IO Minimal Musik 12"
IOMM 002 Heka IO Minimal Musik 12"
IOMM 001 Show IO Minimal Musik 12"
INTEL 006 Charity / Greed Intelligence 12"
INTEL 005 Temperance Intelligence 12"
INTEL 004 chastity Intelligence 12"
INTEL 003 Moonbow Intelligence 12"
DVEP001 ORION020 vs ISIS01 - 2 for the price of 1 Orion Muzik 2x12"
DHM 024 Joy Darkhouse Music 12"
CNFR 020 Logica EP Conform Recordings 2x12"
CNFR 018 Pression EP Conform Recordings 12"
BUSH 2027 Organica Bush Records 12"
BLACKLTD 003 Black 3 LTD Blacklabel 12"
BLACKLTD 002 Black 2 LTD Blacklabel 12"
BLACKLTD 001 Black 1 LTD Blacklabel 12"
BAUNS 007 Elettra EP Remixed Bauns Music 12"
ANTEZENIT 010 Ante Imaginary Boy EP Zenit Records 12"
ANT 02 Subsequent EP Analytic Trail 12"
ALCHEMY 023-6 Aurum EP Alchemy records 12"
Danilo Vigorito tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 13 records
ZENIT 020CD5 5 Years Of Zenit - Limited Collector's Edition Zenit Records 12"
SUPREME 002 Acaldo Supreme Entertainment 12"
SMILEIT01V Yellow EP Smile It Music 12"
RILISRMX 006 Rilis Remix Series 6 Rilis remix 12"
ON-OFF 005 On/Off Remixes On-Off 2x12"
MBSELEKT 014 Wahnsin MB Selektions 12"
MATERIALPACK006 Material Pack incl. 028 / X002 / X006 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIAL028 Grey EP Material Series 12"
GLOBOX 003 Magnetic Globox 12"
DES13LP2 Neapolis 2 Design Music 2x12"
APECD 002 Endangered Mixes Volume One Primate Endangered Species 12"
ALCHEMY 032-6 Happily Alchemy records 12"
ADAGIO 01LP1 Hear Naples and die Adagio 12"

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