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Len Faki

Len Faki (Germany)


Levent Faki



Artist profile: Len Faki

Len Faki (also known under his long-term pseudonym lamonde) was born and raised in the South of Germany where he started his career as successful producer of electronic music. He took his first steps towards international reputation in the mid-90s with his project Lexicon on the renowned House Label Plastic City before he founded two highly acclaimed Techno labels: Monoid and Feis. With innovative productions and sophisticated concepts he soon attracted artists such as Umek, Samuel L. Session and Oxia (Monoid) or John Selway, The Hacker and Bolz Bolz (Feis), who released numerous 12inches, albums and mix compilations on his labels.

In 2001, he released (under the pseudonym lamonde on Feis) his debut album "Music For SomePlace Other Than This" which gained him features in all important German magazines as well as in de:bug. This highly-respected magazine for "the electronic aspects in life" portrayed him as one of the pioneering artists to lead Techno on to new directions, praising his style as "amalgamation and destroying of seemingly opposing elements", which in a thoroughly positive sense is "based on state-of-the-art technology". His DJ mix compilation "Lamonde At The Wheels of Steel" (August 2002) showcases his distinctive lamonde style by presenting personal favourites from the Techno legacy next to topical productions at the time.

As Len Faki he has been making his reputation over the last two years. His releases on Superbra (Switzerland), GoodLife (France) and Terminal M (Berlin) can be characterised by a combination of bass line oriented percussion and pounding grooves.

His move to Berlin at the beginning of 2003 marked a decisive turning-point in his music and business career. With Len Series he founded an independent mother label set up as a trademark for innovative and daring Techno sounds – urging to dance, full of untamable energy and strongly aimed at the club. His concept with succeeding filial labels demonstrates his openmindedness for diverse shades and facets of club and dance culture while also offering the opportunity to playfully explore his musical depths and overall creativity. Right with his first offshoot, Len Series label Figure (offering warm sounds in spite of its tough and cool productions), he stormed the bags, cases and charts of top DJs/producers such as Umek, Ben Sims, Monika Kruse and Marco Bailey.

As a DJ, Len Faki has made a strong appearance at top venues such as Ostgut (Berlin), Tresor and U60 (Frankfurt) as well as top events such as "Sonne, Mond & Sterne Festival" (which translates as "Sun, Moon & Stars festival"), Alive Festival (Belgium). His bone-dry but communicative DJ style mark him as a true gentleman behind the turntables while his DJ sets are based on passion, surprising elements and distinctive individual aesthetics. Len Faki who outside the Techno scene is considered a gourmet in his own quiet way devours club music as basic nutrition and source for his overwhelming energy.

Len Faki Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 13 records
SOMA425 Reverse Proceed Interpretations Part 3 Soma Quality Recordings 12"
POD 005-6 Podium 5 Podium 12"
POD 004-6 Work / Odyssee I Podium 12"
POD 002-6 Amsterdam Meets Berlin / Die Rumpelkammer Podium 12"
O-TON 023 Berghain 03 - Part 2 Ostgut Tontrager 12"
O-TON 008 Mekong Delta Ostgut Tontrager 12"
FIGURE 03-6 Just A Dance Figure 12"
FIGURE 02-6 Figure 2 Figure 12"
FIGURE 01-6 Figure Figure 12"
FIG 008-6 My Black Sheep - Interpretations 2/2 Figure 12"
FIG 007-6 My Black Sheep Figure 12"
FIG 006-6 The B-east Roller Figure 12"
COR 12065 Death By House Cocoon Recordings 12"
Len Faki tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 7 records
REKIDSDIG 001 Stranger Rekids 12"
REKD 001 Stranger Rekids Digital 12"
POD 003-6 Podium 3 Podium 12"
POD 001-6 Here Podium 12"
MOTE 010 She Showed Me Heaven Remixes Mote-Evolver 2x12"
DC 036 Do Us Apart Remixes Drumcode 12"
COR 017-3 Compilation H Cocoon Recordings 6x12"

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