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Borft (Germany)


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Records on Borft
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 39 records
BORFT160 Love Loser Anders Enge 12"
BORFT159 Mi Calle Patricio Cabezas 12"
BORFT158 Borft Dance Classics Vol. 2 Various Artists 12"
BORFT157 The human race is no longer available, please select another lifeform Rittowski 12"
BORFT156 Ad Infinitum Nimam Spregleda 12"
BORFT155 Computer Nights Luke Eargoggle 12"
BORFT154 Borft Dance Classics Vol. 1 Various Artists 12"
BORFT132 Train To Illusion Luke Eargoggle 12"
BORFT153 Sysex Ferro Sysex Ferro 12"
BORFT152 Telematic DAN FUN 12"
BORFT151 Universal Hologram Obergman 12"
BORFT149 Skogens Tarar Erik Jaahalli 12"
BORFT148 A Year Later Jesper Bellfrog Rydbergs 12"
BORFT150 Straight Forward Acid and Low Bit Swing Villa Abo 12"
BORFT147 Carlskrona Byalag Trivselkvall DUO J & J 12"
BORFT146 Komfort Daniel Andreasson 12"
BORFT145 Commercial Sample KLP - JBS 12"
BORFT142 Festival of Onion Tasting Garonneman 12"
BORFT141 Phoney / Atenem Isabella / Bergsonist 12"
BORFT144 XZ214-001 Nebula 12"
BORFT139 Load Daniel Araya 12"
BORFT137 Nattfarja Till Helsingborg Joakim Cosmo 12"
BORFT143 Water Galaxy / Madrid Villa Abo 12"
BORFT136 Distorted By Fantasy Five O'Clock Traffic 2x12"
BORFT135 System Simon W 12"
BORFT138 Pine Twigs Trax Kord & Nebula 12"
BORFT134 Scientific Universal M Jupiter 12"
BORFT133 These Stolen Dreams Jon Doppler 12"
BORFT129 Opal Eyes Edmundy 12"
BORFT130 You Have 2 Osc And You Detune Them... Than What? Tilliander 12"
BORFT128 Tird Kondens 12"
BORFT126 Caravan Business Villa Abo 12"
BORFT125 Realismo Frak 12"
BORFT124 Tengdahlsg Acid Master Anders Enge 12"
BORFT127 The Wait Dungeon Acid 12"
BORFT123 No Future Nimam Spregleda 12"
BORFT122 Absence of Fear Kord 12"
BORFT121 Transfusion M Jupiter / Villa Abo 12"
BORFT120 Pressure Daniel Andreasson 12"

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